Friday, 13 June 2014

Sul y Tadau | Father's Day

Pant Du : Gwinllan a Perllan | Vineyard and Orchard

Sul y Tadau | Father's Day

Dydd Sul, Mehefin 15 | Sunday, June 15

Beth am roi anrheg o Pant Du i'ch tad y Dydd Sul yma.

Mae gwin Gwyn a Rhosliw; Seidr; Sudd Afal; 
pecynnau a thocynnau anrheg Pant Du ar werth yng Nghaffi a Siop Pant Du.

Oriau Agor: 10.30 - 16.30 ; 7 diwrnod yr wythnos

Why not treat your father to one of Pant Du's products this Father's Day.

Pant Du White and Ros
é wine; Cider; Apple Juice; gift packs and vouchers are available at Pant Du Café and Shop.

Opening Hours: 10.30 -16.30 ; 7 days a week