Wednesday, 18 February 2015

ROSEMARY & MULTISEED COBS (with Pant Du Spring Water)

Recipe by Hefin RobertsThe Loft, Ye Olde Bulls Head Inn


1kg strong flour
1 pint of Pant Du Spring Water
2oz of caster sugar
2oz fine sea salt
15g of fresh yeast
100g of mixed toasted seeds
35 g of freshly picked rosemary


First you need to feed the caster sugar to the fresh yeast. Sprinkle all it over, in a few moments the sugar will dissolve and the yeast will become more liquid. This is the yeast eating the sugar and feeding.

Add one pint of the Pant Du spring water to the sugar-yeast mix. There will be plenty of water left in the bottle to enjoy after your hard work of kneading the dough later!

Mix the salt with the flour in a large bowl. If you do not have an electric mixer, no problem you’re just going to get your hands a bit dirty!

Make a small hole in the flour so that the water can pool in the middle. Start moving the dough in a circular motion and adding more water if it’s too stiff. This will take a bit of time and you really need to work the flour to get the gluten working. Your end result should be a tacky dough ball.

Leave to prove. This may take up to 1 hour or more depending on room temperature. Perfect time to enjoy the rest of the beautiful Pant Du water left from the recipe.

Once doubled in size it has proved enough.

Shape the dough into two large balls or cobs as they will become. Once a ball shape, press down and scatter your seeds and rosemary all over. Cover the dough in seeds and rosemary. Leave to prove for ten minutes, or until an oven has warmed up to 200oc.

Once oven is hot enough, pop the bread in and leave to cook for 20 minutes or so. To test pick up with a towel and knock the underneath, it should sound hollow.

I use Pant Du Spring Water in recipes where I need the flavor to be honest and pure. The difference and impact on flavor it makes is huge. All recipes should begin with the best ingredients; Pant Du Spring Water is one of these ingredients!

Thank you so much Hefin for this lovely recipe. Can't wait to start baking! 
Pant Du ‘Welsh Spring Water' is available in both Still and Sparkling 750ml beautifully designed glass bottles. Have a look at Pant Du website to learn more: